BOL Rules

1. All players must be bono fide members of a club registered in this league, if more than one is registered to this club, no crossover of players to either team. The two teams to be registered with the Secretary before the commencement of the season

2. The number of teams in each division shall be agreed by delegates at the AGM.

3. There shall no age limit for players.

4. Games shall be played, if possible, between June and early September.

5. Dates and times shall be arranged by the fixtures meeting in February, if Requested Clubs, may re-arrange fixtures, if bad weather prevents play, by mutual consent, provided that the League Secretary is informed.

6. Teams shall consist of three rinks of 3 players.

7. If, at the commencement of a game, any rink is1 player short, then they must Bowl 8 woods against 9, with 25%penalty incurred, the opposing no. 2 playing 2 woods consecutively. EBA rules apply

7 (a) if a player is injured or falls ill during a game, a bona fide substitute may be fielded.

8. Games shall be 18 ends or not less than 15, by mutual agreement of the captains.

9. There shall be no trial ends.

10. All ends shall count, i.e. scored, tied or dead.

11. Placement of the mat and jack shall be according to EBA rules.

12. Players may change position at any time, between ends

13. There will be 2 points for a winning rink,1 for a draw, and 6 points for the winning team,3 for a draw.

14. Dress shall be white tops/club shirts and greys. Ladies may wear trousers.

15. Result card shall be signed by both captains, and returned by the Winning Captainas soon as possible after the game, to the League Secretary.

16. Copies of League fixtures to be sent by all Clubs to the League Secretary before the 1st April each year.

17. All clubs must notify their intention to play in, or resign from, the League, in writing to the League Secretary by 30th November each year.

18. Fees for all clubs must be sent to the League Treasurer before1st February Each year.

19. The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall be elected annually at the AGM.

20. All disputes shall be settled by the Committee, whose decision shall be final

21.In the event of a team not fulfilling their fixtures they will have 6 points deducted and the team willing to play will have 6 points awarded.